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Closing up shop, relaunch to be announced.

November 1, 2011

It sure has been quiet here the last year!  I can only say that I lost steam in the midst of the thesis storm, and after that life carried me away (from blogging, that is).

As for the thesis, it went really well. I got to work with the estimable Birger Larsen, whose easy-going drive should be an inspiration to any researcher. If you care to read the finished paper, you can find it here. The wordy title gives all the LIS nerds a pretty good idea of what it’s about: “A Portfolio of indicators: Broadening the scope of bibliometric evaluation of the humanities – a mixed methods exploration”. In September I even had the honor of attending and presenting my work in Aalborg at the 16th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy. It was great to meet others working in the field and hear about their various projects.

As a final farewell, I’ll share some pictures of my thesis exam presentation and the subsequent celebrating. The last photo is of our car, packed to the brim and ready to go as we bade farewell to lovely Copenhagen. Reunited with Oslo, I hope to return to blogging in the not so distant future. I’ll keep you posted. Many thanks!

Poor quality photo, but you can see I'm trying to smile and keep it light, despite all the graphs and data I have to present. Remembering to breath is key!

Celebrating a thesis well done. Nothing better than champagne, strawberries and sunshine. And a good grade.

Goodbye y'all! See you in Oslo and on the interwebs!

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